Here are 10 things to know about newborn stem cells and preserving them:

  • Smart.

    Stem cells "know" how to find injured cells and tissue in the body and initiate a healing process.1

  • Special.

    Newborn stem cells have advantages over adult stem cells.2

  • Unique.

    Your baby's newborn stem cells will always be a 100% match for him or her. And they may match other family members, too.*

  • More choices.

    Cord blood preservation or delayed cord clamping? It's possible to do both!

  • Progressing.

    Cord blood stem cells have been used in more than an estimated 35,000 transplants worldwide.3†

  • Giving.

    CBR's Newborn Possibilities Program® has assisted over 6,000 families with a qualifying medical need by covering the cost of stem cell processing and storage for 5 years.

  • Powerful.

    We partner with researchers to support FDA-regulated clinical trials to advance newborn stem cell research.

  • Preferred.

    CBR is the #1 choice of OB/GYNs4 and expecting parents. We've preserved stem cells for over half a million babies so far!

  • Fantastic.

    Clients like Ava have some amazing stories.Check out Ava's story >

  • Easy.

    Preserving is easy! See how we process and store these amazing cells. Discover more >

Learn about the benefits of saving
your baby's stem cells

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